my eldest daughters wedding, I wasn’t the celebrant, a colleague did the honours 🙂


I retired in 2016 at 55, it had been my ambition to retire early and enjoy life. Having been a Humanist all my life (I only really took the tag when it became popular)! Humanism to me means being respectful of others’ views whilst holding on to my own secular ones. There is no better way to spend your retirement than being a Celebrant with the Humanist Society Scotland (I use the term retired loosely!).

I most recently left Dundee University, a role in business development meant I interacted with people on a day to day basis. I love meeting new people and getting to know them, it gives me great pleasure to meet with families in this role, the feeling that you have played an important part in the lives of people, at sometimes harrowing life events, means I feel fortunate and privileged.

I have three grown up children of my own and was a single parent for most of the time. It was challenging (and still can be) but I wouldn’t swap for anything. The experience taught me that we are all individuals, we all have our own desires and dreams, and it was my role to encourage this.

I love travel, and have been around the world, but there are still many places I want to see. I add places to my bucket list faster than I remove them. Travel to me broadens the mind, it allows us to see other cultures and ways of life.

In all cultures we celebrate life’s events. The birth of a child is a life changing moment, not equalled by much else! When we marry we are joining someone that we wish to spend the rest of our life with. Hopefully we can celebrate a life well lived.

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